With Payment Solutions, You Won’t Have to Arm Wrestle Your Clients for Cash Anymore


Whether you’re selling services or goods, it’s important to make it easy for your clients and customers to pay you the way they want to pay.

We understand that credit card terminals, gateways, and merchant banks can be both costly and confusing, but we assure you: accepting credit cards is worth the cost.

Not only are potential clients more likely to view you as a reputable business owner when you accept credit cards, your customers are also likely to spend more because they’ll give in to impulse purchases when they shop with their credit cards.

Impulse purchases can increase spending by a whopping 250%, so if you’re ready to make more off of your business, it’s time for you to learn about payment solution options for your Sage ERP.

Let’s get to it.

What’s a Payment Solution?

Simply put, a payment solution is any software that empowers you to collect payment from more than just cash and checks.

Some payment solutions solely process credit and debit cards, others accept gift certificates, mobile wallet payments, and more. These days there’s probably a payment solution that makes it easy for your business to accept Bitcoin, but we don’t offer one of those solutions at ISM (yet).

When choosing a payment solution for your business, it’s important to balance cost, flexibility, and future capabilities so that you can get the most from your investment over time.

Popular payment solutions include:

Sage Payment Solutions

Available for any Sage accounting solution, Sage Payment Solutions (SPS) provides a simple way for you to get paid, make payments, and manage your money. Of course, since SPS is integrated with Sage, this solution makes it easy for you to connect various payment terminals directly to your ERP.

Sage Payment Solutions supports:

  • In-store terminals: credit card, debit card, chip
  • Online payments for eCommerce
  • Mobile payments: accept payments on your phone and from leading digital wallet providers

SPS offers simple pricing options and the software plans to soon offer click to pay, e-invoicing, and automatic reconciliation with your Sage ERP.

Vault Payment Plugin

For use with Sage 100 and Sage 500 ERP, the Vault Payment Plugin simplifies payment processing in Sage – and offers a more affordable payment gateway as well.

Vault enhances your stock Sage options by helping you access flexible payment options such as:

  • Pre-authorization
  • Deposits
  • Partial payments

Vault also reduces your paperwork load by auto-updating your invoices and balances – and remember, it can be significantly less expensive than other payment processing options on the market.

Increase Sales the Easy Way

Payment solutions can potentially increase your revenues and reduce your administrative work. They also keep your business and clients secure with full PCI compliance.

So, champ, it’s time to upgrade to a payment solution so you can finally stop arm wrestling your customers for cash. We assure you, it’s much, much easier on the elbows to accept credit cards.


Contact ISM to learn more about payment solutions that make it easier to get paid for the hard work you do.