Sage Inventory Advisor Solves Holiday Warehouse Worries


The news of archaeologists uncovering the possible tomb of Santa Claus has captured attention from around the world, but it just confirms what the logistics industry has already known for years. The responsibility of delivering the world’s holiday orders is yours. Nobody even leaves you milk or cookies. What a racket that Santa guy had, huh?

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Streamline Your Warehouse Like Santa’s Workshop

Anyone who has ever managed a warehouse has wished they had some of Santa’s magic during the rush of the holidays. You know, he had to manage production, payroll (of course elves got paid, that’s an equality issue), animal care and maintenance (reindeer are far from self-sufficient), and data collection and analysis of annual child-behavioral trends for every child in the world (and wow, were they getting more depressing to read every year). Plus, he had shipping demands that require all stock to arrive on the exact same night.

No wonder he was buried under a cathedral in Turkey. At least he finally got some peace and quiet.

Don’t let the holiday load bury you. With Sage Inventory Advisor you can soar above it all like a . . . reindeer?

Be a Leader Like “Da Claus” (that was Saint Nick’s nickname amongst the elf community)

Okay let’s face it, a lot of the success of Santa was due to magic. I’m sure he was a natural-born leader and he worked hard for years to become the amazing logistics master that we all know him as today. But seriously, there had to be some performance-enhancing magical influence there. Right?

Unfortunately, you don’t have magical intuitive insight geared for enhanced performance, but Sage Inventory Advisor is the next best thing. It will not, however, help you fit in and out of your neighbors’ chimneys. That’s still illegal.

With this (almost-magical) order-advisement tool for Sage 100, Sage 500 ERP, Sage X3, or Acumatica, you can reduce the time and increase the accuracy of your holiday business forecasting with miraculous-like ability. Get insightful recommendations regarding:

  • Seasonal and trend-based ordering
  • Lead time management
  • Warehouse efficiency improvements
  • Supplier selections
  • Inventory replenishment recommendations

You’ll no longer have to manually import or export data, which means you won’t have to deal with spreadsheets. This, admittedly, is not as magical as running an assembly line creating hundreds of thousands of wooden trains and trucks in the North Pole with no lumber source, but it’s not bad.

You Must Believe This Holiday Season

Alas, it appears that Santa Claus is truly no more. It was the myth and legend we all loved to believe, like the one about how “running your own business lets you make your own hours.”

Make at least one myth more of a reality this holiday season. Free up time, ease stress, and perform like a magically enhanced saint of deadlines.


Register to learn more about how Sage Inventory Advisor can solve your holiday warehouse worries. See it yourself this Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific during the “Sage Inventory Advisor” Lunch-n-Learn webinar!