Get Beneath the Surface of Your Sage 100 Sales Order Module


Small businesses live and die by their reputations, which are built on a foundation of customer service. However, customer service is a knife that cuts both ways. Good customer service benefits you, but bad customer service… let’s just say it’s best avoided. You don’t want to allow a few slow customer interactions tarnish the hard work you’ve put into developing your company’s stellar reputation.

You’ve already seen first hand that Sage 100 Sales Order helps you improve customer service by providing pertinent information at critical times and helping you avoid potential production or shipping delays. However, this module could be doing more for you.

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Sales 100 Sales Order: Building Clients and Revenues Two Ways

Savvy growing businesses require that all customer interactions become fast, accurate, and helpful. Since you’re focused on growth, these three key concentrations probably already form your service team’s mantra. Not only do these qualities maintain your loyal customer base, they also result in the word-of-mouth marketing you need for successful, organic lead generation.

Sales Order for Sage 100 accomplishes this through two, complementary methods:

  1. With client details, historical records, and actionable data available in a click, the Sales Order module for Sage 100 offers your customer service team the easy access they need to provide helpful suggestions for cross-sells and upsells, and to recommend alternate products in the case of out-of-stock materials.
  2. In addition, Sales Order provides the important back-end details that keep your shop floor and warehouse on schedule, including materials flows between your Sales Order and Purchase Order systems, the flexibility to enter sales orders for special items not in your inventory, and labor-saving Job Cost integration.

This two-pronged approach gives your company the power to maintain your hard-won client relationships—and win more!—by delivering personalized service and competitive timelines that increase your revenues year over year.

So Much More Waiting for You

Sage 100 Sales Order is specifically designed to increase customer service and sales, but with the right knowledge, this flexible tool can also help your business speed up everything in your company, from production to the pick, pack, and ship process and beyond, by integrating with the Purchase Order, Inventory Management, and Accounts Receivable modules available from ISM.

With the Sales Order module as part of your business software toolset, you’ll no longer have to limit yourself to delivering outstanding customer interactions solely during a sale, you’ll be empowered to create a single, interconnected system that will streamline your entire distribution process from end to end so you can deliver great customer service every step of the way.

And next week, we’re showing you how to do that.

When you register for this upcoming webinar, you’ll learn how easy it is to:

  • Set up key operational capabilities in Sales Order
  • Integrate Sales Order to Purchase Order
  • Streamline the drop ship process

There’s so much more to see with your Sage 100 Sales Order module. It’s time to get beneath the surface and optimize your business processes like the experts. Find out more about the in-depth features of this refreshingly flexible tool in the one-hour, completely free webinar from ISM.


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