Too soon for a holiday reference?


Acumatica ERP has just released its version 6, and we think we know what you’re putting on your holiday wish list. The good news is you can have it up and running by Halloween instead.

With Acumatica ERP 6, small and medium-sized businesses get all the features enterprise organizations do.

  • New KPI widgets, Power BI integration, owner control and streamlined dashboards that tout more self-service analytics for a customizable user experience
  • Generic inquiry enhancements including customized navigation and drill downs, and pivot tables for data analysis
  • Enhanced AP Bill and Adjustment approval workflows
  • CRM Office 365 integration so you can live in Outlook, pulling in CRM data as needed directly from your email inbox
  • Localization improvements
  • Better contract APIs for ad-hoc field access as well as a full REST API with impressive Web services

Acumatica ERP always has taken a different approach than its competitors in the SMB space, focusing on building a true cloud architecture while other vendors emphasized functions.

But in Acumatica ERP 6, the company levels the functionality playing field while remaining ahead of the game on cloud infrastructure. SMBs are running more of their business from the cloud, becoming more complex at the same time.

Because Acumatica invested upfront in a sophisticated cloud architecture, it is ready-made for integration with other cloud solutions and capable of being the lightning rod that unites them all. ERP is intended to be the backbone of SMB computing.


Forget the wish list. Treat yourself. Visit ISM for more information on or to upgrade to Acumatica ERP 6. Select the continuous release cycle option that delivers updates and new features biweekly.