Acumatica Is Making It Easier Than Ever to Be Paper Free


As all of us learned many years ago, contracts are a necessary evil in the business world. They must be written just so: containing exact details on scope, timelines, and fees… and creating them takes hours of time, which gets billed by expensive lawyers. Ugh.

And then, as if it weren’t enough of a hassle to get contracts made, it usually takes forever to get them signed and returned by clients.

Well, actually, it used to take forever to get them signed and returned. With new integrations from Acumatica Cloud ERP, your company can have completed contracts in hand within minutes of sending them out.

Maybe the holiday season is influencing our perceptions here a bit, but instant contract signing capabilities sounds like a genuine miracle for business leaders everywhere.

Paperless Contract Signatures in Acumatica

Announced at both Acumatica Summit 2017 and the Acumatica 2017 R2 launch, the new unified eSign integration capabilities in your cloud ERP software provide a 100% paperless alternative to the costly contract-signing process.

With eSign integration, you’ll:

  • Eliminate courier and shipping fees to send and receive contracts
  • Reduce approval delays for contracts
  • Ease the contract-signing process for clients

As of this writing, Acumatica currently offers unified integrations with the two leading electronic signature services available: DocuSign and Adobe Sign.

DocuSign Integration

With over 200 million users worldwide, DocuSign is widely recognized as the leading eSignature brand globally. The web-powered software works on any device, any time and anywhere, empowering your company and customers to securely upload, send, and receive documents requiring signatures.

In addition, DocuSign also helps you send reminders and check signing status in real time – at any time.

In-depth authentication protocols built in to the software help you ensure that signers are who they say they are, and flexible signature capabilities make it a breeze for you to tag signature sections, accept printed or “handwritten” signatures, and meet full compliance requirements.

Adobe Sign Integration

Sign and send documents from any device, at any time, using Adobe Sign, the preferred e-signature solution for some of today’s top technology development companies. Adobe’s highly secure software keeps your company compliant with the widest range of legal requirements, the most demanding regulations, and the toughest security standards around the world. It can even help you digitize your workflow in every department of your company, from sales to HR, procurement, and legal.

Want to go paper-free but need to work from a paper-based contract with handwritten edits? Adobe Sign makes it easy to snap a picture of a paper document with your phone and then collect digital, time-stamped signatures—hassle-free—with a full audit trail that captures every action.

Like DocuSign, Adobe Sign also collects signatures in typed or “handwritten” form (meaning it was drawn on the screen using your finger, stylus, or mouse), and even allows signers to upload a picture of their signature for picture-perfect authorization.

How to Install Acumatica eSign

The eSign integration for Acumatica can be easily and freely downloaded from GitHub. Your support team at ISM is also happy to help you do this if you’d prefer that someone else set up your integrations for you.

If you’re more of a DIY person and you want to install and set up the eSign integration for yourself (it’s not hard), you’ll need:

Make Your Contract-Signing Process More Efficient in 2018 and Beyond

Savvy business leaders know that when contracts get signed sooner, work can start sooner – and that means that payment usually happens sooner too. Give your company the benefit of speed, efficiency, and improved profitability in the New Year with the flexible, easy-to-use eSign integration capabilities now available in your Acumatica ERP.


Of course, if you have any questions, contact ISM for fast, friendly answers. We’re here to help you.