Your Software Platform Is Important

The release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, culminated in an all-time box office record. The real success and genius of the Star Wars franchise is that it was built as a movie “platform”.


Each succeeding episode is not just a sequel, but a continuation of the original themes. This allows previously defined characters to develop and grow, while new characters are introduced. Each new episode incorporates the latest advances in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), which dazzle their viewers and create expectations and excitement for more.  Even the music of Star Wars contains continuity with the original score while introducing new themes and electronic instrumentation.

By designing the movie franchise with a vision of the future and establishing a platform which allows the adoption of new visual and sound technologies, the creators of Star Wars have built a living entertainment entity which adapts and grows.  Such is the importance of an underlying platform; businesses needing one would do well to learn from the example of Star Wars.

By designing the movie franchise with a vision of the future, the creators of Star Wars have built a living entertainment entity. Click to Tweet

Too often, when businesses are selecting and looking to implement or upgrade their systems, the focus is on the functionality provided by the software.  While the functional fit of software such as ERP to current business processes is important, the underlying platform on which the software is built is critical in providing current AND future capabilities.

The advent of ecommerce marketplaces and mobile apps require that ERP and CRM applications are enabled to utilize these technologies to engage customers and execute transactions. The means by which ERP and CRM software interacts with these technologies are Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The ability to rapidly develop and deploy APIs which interface seamlessly with software such as ERP and CRM is an absolute requirement today. The adoption of the IoT by automakers, heavy equipment manufacturers, appliance makers and others will give rise to even more APIs and demand increased integration of ERP and CRM software with a variety of machines and devices.

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