Don’t Get Lost in the Numbers – Get Expert ISM Help for Sage 100 General Ledger


Making the transition from QuickBooks to Sage 100 is a natural business progression, but Sage’s powerhouse ERP system offers so much more accounting power that its functionality can seem overwhelming. One of these powerhouse features is the Sage 100 General Ledger module.

General Ledger supercharges your ERP transaction data-entry speed and flexibility, so it makes sense to understand how the module works.

Join us to become a General Ledger expert. Learn more in next week’s Lunch-n-Learn from ISM. On March 14 at 11:30 AM Pacific, ISM will explain the ins and outs of the Sage 100 General Ledger module, including a deep dive into advanced features. Register here.

What Is General Ledger?

Sage 100 General Ledger helps you use your current chart of accounts structure or create a new chart of accounts structure using understandable, industry-specific options. With General Ledger, you can handle all of your financial transactions with easy-to-use, dual-grid entry for quick and efficient data entry, so that updating and customization is lightning-fast for:

  • Journal entries
  • Accounting reports
  • Budgeting
  • Period and year-end closing

However, General Ledger (or “GL” as we call it) handles so much that understanding and navigating the module can have a steep learning curve – especially if you aren’t an accountant by trade.

ISM Is Here to Help

You chose Sage 100 because you knew it would make managing all aspects of your business easier, and you chose ISM because you knew our dedication to your success would ensure your continued growth.

You made the right choices.

Next week’s Lunch-n-Learn will get you 100% free help with your Sage 100 General Ledger module with an in-depth introduction to the features our customers ask about most often:

  • Allocations
  • Creating non-financial accounts for statistics
  • Using recurring entries
  • Creating custom financials in Sage (also using roll-up codes)

Learn all this and get live answers to your most pressing General Ledger questions when you register for next week’s Lunch-n-Learn.

Accounting software should make your accounting process easier, so you don’t have to worry about anything except growing your business. It’s time to stop getting lost in the numbers so you can focus on building those numbers up. How? By tapping into the free success resources you get as a valued ISM customer.


Register to join ISM on March 14, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific in the “Sage 100 General Ledger” Lunch-n-Learn and see how much you can do with the General Ledger module. We’ll see you soon!