Save Time, Increase Accuracy, and Track in Real Time with ISM Shipping Link


At a certain point, it can start to feel like your entire job is taken over by shipping paperwork. Not only does shipping take careful, attentive data entry into multiple systems (leaving your freight calculations fraught with the possibility of error), it also frequently requires you to combine sales orders in Sage 100, which puts you at risk because you could lose track of important shipping information.

It’s time to make your shipping easier. Learn how in next week’s Lunch-n-Learn from ISM. On Feb. 16 at 11:30 AM PDT, ISM will help you understand how much time you can save on shipments by integrating your shipping solution with your ERP. Register here.

What’s All This About Saving Time with Shipping?

At ISM, our #1 job is listening to our customers. When we heard that many of you were having difficulties tracking your shipments accurately with Sage 100, we figured it was time for a solution.

That’s why we now offer Shipping Link, which eliminates your duplicate data entry, saves time, integrates with your ERP, and even provides real-time shipment tracking information within Sage 100.

ISM’s Shipping Link eliminates cumbersome duplicate data entry between Sage 100 and UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager. All you have to do is enter data once – Shipping Link will do the rest for you!

Why Would My Sage 100 System Need Shipping Link?

If you’re asking this question, clearly you’re not shipping much yet (or someone else on your staff is taking care of shipping for you). Though Sage 100 is a great ERP, it doesn’t have a built-in integration link to today’s popular shipping services.

When you ship a package without an integration link, you have to re-enter the shipping information (such as tracking number and sales order items) back into your ERP system so your staff has immediate access to that information at their fingertips. Copying data from one system to another is not only dull and time consuming, it’s also nearly guaranteed to create errors, because copy-paste doesn’t always catch all the information.

With Shipping Link from ISM, you can avoid dull data entry, save time for more important activities, and still ensure that your staff has instant access to the shipping data they need to answer queries.


Register to join ISM on February 16, 2017 at 11:30 AM PDT in the “ISM Shipping Link” Lunch-n-Learn so you can see Shipping Link in action and find out more. We look forward to seeing you there!