Join ISM to Find Out How You Can Access Real-Time Data within Excel with BizNet


Do you use spreadsheets a lot? Since we’re all in business here, I’m going to guess that you’re nodding your head right now. Spreadsheets are great, but when their data sets get too long, it can be hard to scroll through all the information – much less make sense of it… and even less turn it into helpful analytics that inform you about your next steps. Say goodbye to hard-to-read spreadsheet data and say hello to BizNet Financial Reporting.

Learn more about BizNet Financial Reporting in this post, or join ISM for our last Lunch-n-Learn in February, “BizNet Financial Reporting,” on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 11:30AM PDT.

What Is BizNet Financial Reporting?

The BizNet Excel Business Information Suite includes BizConnector, BizInsight, and BizBroadcast, all of which work together seamlessly to provide real-time reporting and analytics drawn from your business’s databases and spreadsheets, as well as the cloud and Hadoop.

Because the data is delivered in Excel, it empowers you and your employees to slice and dice the data however you want, without the hassle of collecting and refreshing source data information. In fact, the Excel Business Information Suite is the perfect tool to gather, report, and analyze the big data you’ve collected, all in an easy-to-use, familiar interface that your employees will like.

Will This Solution Work with My ERP?

We’re the ERP experts here at ISM, and we can assure you that the solution definitely works with your ERP. Those financial experts over at BizNet have streamlined the BizConnect solution to draw information from many, many sources, including 17 ERP systems.

Whether you’re running Acumatica, Sage 100, or Sage X3, your business will benefit from the easy data access and manipulation that comes from integrating with BizNet Financial Reporting.


Learn more about how you can supercharge your financial reporting to make your spreadsheet analytics faster and more effective when you attend “BizNet Financial Reporting” with ISM on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 11:30 AM PDT. We look forward to seeing you there!