You Know, Those Sage 100 Costs Don’t Have to Be So High


Planning an investment in Sage 100 this year? Already running Sage 100 and wanting to cut down on your operating expenses? There’s an easy way to lower your Sage 100 costs while gaining extra functionality that many business leaders haven’t thought of yet: cloud hosting with NullNube.

Choosing cloud hosting for your ERP is a smart choice for a lot of reasons. Here are just three of them.

1. You’ll Reduce Your Server Costs

Not only do servers require maintenance and upgrades, the darn things can break unexpectedly! We know you’re savvy enough that you’re already focusing on regular backups, so you won’t lose any business data if your server fails – but researching, purchasing, and setting up a new server can be an unexpected cost you don’t want.

With NellNube cloud hosting for your Sage 100 system, your data will stay safe and you won’t have to worry about server failures ever again. Why? Because when you don’t own the servers, you don’t have to fix them.

Automatic server failover protection is included in the low monthly cost for NellNube, meaning that even if one of the NellNube servers breaks, your data will instantly transfer to a working server so you don’t lose access and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of buying new equipment.

2. You Can Forget about Storage Fees

Another problem with servers is that they run out of space. In the age of big data, our business records have a habit of multiplying fast. Unfortunately, storing all that data requires a large server – or many large servers.

Not only do the costs of purchasing multiple large-capacity servers add up, storage space in your office adds up too. Do you really want to pay for an extra room in each of your locations just to store your servers? Didn’t think so.

Cloud hosting your Sage 100 ERP system with NellNube makes it easy for you to scale up to higher-capacity servers when you need them – and it means you won’t have to house the servers you do use. Finally, you’ll have the freedom to use your old server room for a better purpose.

3. You’ll Save a Bundle on Infrastructure Payments

In addition to paying for dedicated server space in your offices, how much are you spending on cooling and power to keep your servers safe 24/7/365?

Actually, you know what? We can tell you how much you’re spending.

Here at ISM, the NellNube cloud-hosting technicians have developed a very sophisticated algorithm that determines how much you’re spending on server room infrastructure costs.

All you have to do is think about your server room, picture it clearly in your mind, and then hover your fingers over the words in the next line.




Hey! We found the answer!

According to our numbers, you’re spending:

[Too Much]

on infrastructure costs.


Lower those costs when you work with NellNube for cloud hosting your Sage ERP. Once you pass all your server’s cooling and energy charges on to us, you’ll be amazed at how much you’re saving.

And those cost reductions will continue, year after year.

Increase Your Profits with Cloud Hosting

When you choose cloud hosting to lower your Sage 100 costs, you’ll not only save money on new servers, excess office space, and cooling and energy bills, you’ll also be better able to guarantee access anywhere and any time for your staff. That helps your employees work harder.

Combine enhanced labor productivity with reduced operating costs when you choose NellNube cloud hosting for Sage ERP.


Find out how much you could save on your Sage 100 costs. Contact ISM today and ask about cloud hosting through NellNube.