Make It Easy to See Jobs Through with Job Management Software for Sage 100


These days, competition is tough. The global economy has placed China’s megacities in the top spot for low-cost, high production output, and this has put the squeeze on local manufacturers to compete in terms of quality, negotiable order size, and most importantly, speed. Are you ready to speed up your business?

Produce faster when you automate job management. Join ISM’s Lunch-n-Learn webinar to discover how agile Sage 100 businesses meet demanding production schedules more easily. On June 13, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific, you’ll see JobOps in action and find out if job management software is right for you. Register here.

What Is JobOps Job Management Software for Sage 100?

If you’re challenged to meet your customers’ requirements for high quality product delivered in a short time period at a profit to you, you’re not alone. In fact, this is one of the top concerns for today’s businesses – and it’s one of the hardest things to accomplish.

JobOps helps by providing business automation that streamlines management for the critical areas of inventory, resources, and labor. Those three things provide the foundation of all your job planning, and companies that want to succeed with today’s tight margins must accurately and consistently balance all three areas on every job.

Other tools on the market may claim to automate or manage these areas, but JobOps stands out because it’s tightly integrated with your Sage 100 system, providing the seamless environment you need to save time and eliminate potentially damaging data-entry errors.

The integrated job management automation in JobOps job management software for Sage 100 helps you achieve on-time delivery for your customers with predictable profits for you.

JobOps: Not Just for Manufacturers

In addition to job management for manufacturers, JobOps can also help installers and field service professionals to perform jobs more quickly, so you can deliver higher customer satisfaction to your most important client base: the people located near your offices.

In fact, the same tools that manufacturers need are required in installation and field service businesses too! These include:

  • Estimates
  • Planning
  • Work Orders
  • Purchasing
  • Tracking
  • Costing

Most companies slow themselves down with time-wasting data entry between all these functions, or by having to push these functions through the system themselves. JobOps job management software for Sage 100 helps you improve your workflow by automating the movement of these critical items and then providing exception reporting that calls your attention only when it’s needed.

More installations and completed field service cases mean more volume, more profit, and—due to your job done well—more referrals. JobOps helps you complete more so you can stay on track and focused on your business growth.


Register to join ISM at next week’s Lunch-n-Learn webinar so you can get your chance to see if JobOps can help you. We’ll see you on June 13, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific for the JobOps – Job Management Software for Sage 100 Lunch-n-Learn Webinar!