Zoom into Data by Combining Excel & Sage 100 the Easy Way


Sage 100 provides a powerhouse of information for your business, but sometimes you want a different view, or you want to slice and dice your data so you can see it from a different angle. Of course, there are many built-in and add-on tools that create this capability in your Sage 100 system, but the easiest way for many people to manipulate data is to use Microsoft Excel. It’s easy to use Excel & Sage 100 together for better insight. 

Export Sage data to Excel to work faster and better. The next ISM Lunch-n-Learn webinar will demonstrate the nearly unlimited ways you can use Excel with Sage 100. Join us July 13, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific to learn the top ways you can transfer your data to and from Excel. Register here.

Excel & Sage 100: Better Together

We know that you love your Sage 100 system for its robust toolset, critical integration capabilities, endless customization options, and business-building capabilities – but sometimes you want to look at your ERP data through another lens. And you really love Microsoft Excel. That’s okay. Sage has got you covered.

You may be surprised to learn that your Sage 100 ERP seamlessly exports and imports to Excel, and the process usually only takes a few easy clicks. In the upcoming lunch-n-learn webinar from ISM, we’ll show you exactly how you can share Sage 100 data with Excel quickly and easily.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll know how to export data:

  • On the fly or on a schedule
  • From Crystal Reports
  • Using UDFs (user-defined fields) containing raw data
  • From built-in Sage 100 reports
  • With customer communications add-ons
  • Through the use of utilities or wizards
  • To existing or brand-new spreadsheets
  • Sourced from various screens

You’ll also learn how you can import data as well!

Excel & Sage 100 Exports Are Only the Beginning…

If you’re excited about Sage 100 and Excel compatibility, you’ll want to know more about the many applications your ERP is set up to work with using ODBC (open database connectivity).

This open architecture tool enables your ERP to communicate back and forth with many other common software applications on the market today – and best of all, it comes pre-installed in your Sage 100 software.

Note that the upcoming lunch-n-learn webinar will not cover additional ODBC tools that integrate with your Sage 100 system, but we welcome you to contact us if you’re curious to know more about the flexibility that ODBC-compliant applications can offer your business.


Register for the upcoming ISM Lunch-n-Learn webinar to get your introduction to the many ways Excel & Sage 100 work together to make your job easier. See you on July 13, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific for the “Excel and Your Sage 100” Lunch-n-Learn Webinar!