If you’re a retailer using Acumatica or Sage 100, why wouldn’t you maximize your return on your investment?


With that rhetorical question out of the way, we want to draw your attention to the Fusion Point of Sale solution, which leverages your ERP system.

ERP is implemented to be THE centralized software solution of a business. integration of a POS solution is valuable only if each feature works with (and none against) the ERP as the authoritative information clearinghouse for the company.

FusionPOS is different from other POS systems in that it:

  • Identifies existing data in the ERP solution before creating new product, price or customer records
  • Does not go dark with loss of an Internet connection or during batch payment processing
  • Communicates with your CRM solution on multiple levels—customer contact information, purchase history, payment type, etc
  • Retains all customer data necessary for marketing efforts without pushing this onto Acumatica ERP or Sage 100
  • Incorporates retail-specific pricing models such as buy one, get one and promotions

The sophistication of FusionPOS’s in referencing existing data makes your operations from customer-facing to back-office more efficient.

This complexity of architecture also recognizes that your business may have multiple buyers within a customer profile who may interact with you in vastly different ways. In addition, you may have multiple customer types—cash, accounting, marketing—with multiple fulfillment options—cash and carry, fulfillment, mixed mode. The efficiency of FusionPOS in no way eliminates a sales and relationship structure you’ve carefully nurtured and brought to profitability.


To get more information on the full set of features in FusionPOS, read the FusionPOS white paper or contact ISM at sales@goism.com or 877.496.5350.