Business Investment Choices Are Tough. Sage 100cloud ERP Makes Choices Easier.


As the owner of a small business, you already know the difficulties you face when deciding how to invest in your company.

Should you use your resources to lure and maintain top talent in the industry? Should you focus on investing in the latest and greatest equipment and technology? Should you invest in your future by developing a strategically focused marketing campaign?

What’s the right answer?

It’s so hard to decide where and how to allocate your budgets, but today’s article is here to offer help.

What Is the Best Way for You to Invest in Your Business?

Since your business’s direction depends heavily on your vision, mission, and goals, only you can decide how you should reinvest your business revenues. However, no matter how you choose to grow your company, it’s always a smart choice to select an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system, such as Sage 100cloud.

ERP is like the backbone or nervous system of your company. It connects your front and back offices with a single-source view that brings all your employees on the same page, including everyone from your shop floor and warehouse. When all authorized people in your company have access to the up-to-date information they need, your business can run faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

And today’s best-in-class ERP systems cost far less than you think.

Today’s Business Owners Have More Options – and More Questions

In the past, ERPs required a large amount of initial capital. Unfortunately, however, this upfront cash often prevented smaller companies from choosing competitive options for business-building software. This meant that small, growing companies were often forced to struggle with slow, ineffective processes while their larger competitors had the freedom to complete standard tasks faster and with more accuracy.

Luckily, modern SMBs have better options.

New payment options for ERP systems provide increased flexibility for growing businesses, and also offer better agility for larger companies that have run ERP for years.

But these payment options, known as “perpetual” and “subscription,” can be confusing.

Make an Informed Decision

When investing in a modern business management system, you may wonder if you should choose a perpetual (license-based) or subscription (month-to-month) payment option.  Every business is different and has its own specific needs, budget demands, and objectives, so the payment option you choose for your business software matters.

When you access this all-new white paper about payment options for ERP systems such as Sage 100cloud, you can get all the facts straight and make a smarter, more confident decision about where and how to allocate your budgets this year.

In this white paper, you will be able to see the advantages and disadvantages of both sides of the perpetual vs. subscription debate, including details about:

  • Cost and budgeting
  • The importance of features
  • CapEx vs. OpEx

Choose the Best Investment for Your Company

If you’ve been wondering about the new subscription offerings for Sage 100cloud and other Sage Software products, the answers you need are finally here. Check out your complimentary copy of “Paying for Software: What Are the Payment Options?”, the newest white paper from Sage, brought to you by the ISM team.


Access your free copy of the white paper, “Paying for Software: What Are the Options?” so that you can make the most knowledgeable decision about your business’s ERP future.