Take Time for Yourself with FlexiSuite for Sage 100, Free for 6 Months!


As the year speeds to a close, most business owners wish they had more time. More time to spend with family, more time to catch up with old friends, more time to order client gifts – more time to sit quietly by a fireplace and a window, coffee in hand, watching the snow fall outside.

This year ISM is offering you the gift of time. All you have to do is get in touch with ISM before the end of the month to take advantage of your free, full-featured FlexiSuite trial so you can enjoy more time from now until June 2018.

FlexiSuite: A True Time Saver

The ISM FlexiSuite extended solution, released this year, includes both FlexiPay and FlexiDeposit, which, together, streamline your entire posting process in Sage 100. Both solutions help you eliminate repetitive, error-prone payment/deposit posting, but they do so in slightly different ways.

Here are the details you need:


This payment-processing tool enhances your standard Sage 100 functionality by giving you the ability to accept multiple deposits per sales order.

FlexiPay works with all the forms of payment you’ve integrated with Sage 100, including credit cards, checks, cash, and wire. All FlexiPay deposits are processed through cash receipts, which means the solution also gives you faster reconciliation of funds to General Ledger.

If your company routinely accepts multiple deposits on a single sales order, FlexiPay for Sage 100 is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Expect enhanced functionality with:

  • Negative posting for returns
  • Additional reporting, including details and open deposits
  • Credit memo flexibility

Want to see more? Check out FlexiPay in action:



This cash-management tool adds capabilities to the stock Sage 100 product by helping you find greater speed and flexibility in your deposit-posting process.

FlexiDeposit’s primary use is for credit card payments (though it works for cash and checks too) because it helps you move settled funds from your General Ledger asset accounts to your Sage 100 Bank Reconciliation module, net of adjustments. It accomplishes this using understandable, straightforward buttons and tools that speed selecting, clearing, and processing those Sage 100 deposits.

Since this solution works with any credit card processor integrated to your Sage 100 system, companies that perform many credit card transactions can experience hefty time savings with FlexiDeposit, part of FlexiSuite.

Check out FlexiDeposit for yourself:


Get the Entire FlexiSuite for Free – This Month Only

This month only (December 2017), you have the opportunity to get both FlexiPay and FlexiDeposit—the entire FlexiSuite—completely free. Your free trial, which is the full-featured software, not a limited or “lite” version, will be free for you to use for six months.

If you like FlexiSuite, you can keep using it past June 2018 by paying a $495 annual subscription fee for each program. This offer expires December 31, 2017.


Get more time in 2018. Contact ISM soon to learn more about FlexiSuite and to get moving on your free, six-month trial.