Learn How FlexiDeposit Helps You Take Control of Credit Card Payments


If you’re tired of spending painstaking time moving deposits from Sage 100 Sales Order to your Bank Reconciliation module, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s finally a solution that helps speed up the process: FlexiDeposit for Sage 100.

Read on to find the answers to five common questions about this brand-new Sage 100 extended solution, which can turn your slow, inefficient deposit processing into a well-oiled machine.

  1. What Does FlexiDeposit Do?

This newest extended solution for your ERP is a cash-management tool that enhances the standard Sage 100 process for posting customer payments, giving you greater speed and flexibility in your deposit-posting process.

It integrates seamlessly with your Sage 100 system, and once installed, acts just like any other part of your ERP.


  1. What Companies Would Benefit from FlexiDeposit?

FlexiDeposit-Sage-100-Extended-Solution-ISM-ERP-2Though FlexiDeposit can handle any kind of deposit transaction, including cash and checks, its primary use is for credit card payments, because the solution helps you move settled funds from your General Ledger asset accounts to your Sage 100 Bank Reconciliation module, net of adjustments.

With this extended solution, it’s easy and quick to select, clear, and process your Sage 100 deposits, using straightforward buttons and tools that make sense and save time.

  1. Can I See FlexiDeposit in Action?

Of course! Check out this in-depth, eight-minute demo that shows you how FlexiDeposit modifies your existing Sage 100 system to help you:

  • Determine when funds post to your cash accounts
  • Gain better control over customer deposits

  1. Does FlexiDeposit Work with Any Credit Card Processor?

Yes! It’s easy to use this custom solution for Sage 100 with any credit card processor integrated to your Sage 100 system, which means the install process will be fast and simple – just like your deposit processing will be when you’re using the solution.

  1. This Sounds Handy! Does ISM Make Other Extended Solutions?

If you haven’t yet heard about the many extended solutions ISM makes to enhance and improve the functionality of your Sage 100 system, we’re pleased to introduce you to these great, time-saving tools.

If you’re already using one of ISM’s custom extended solutions, we’d like to say thank you. We love our customers. Please let us know if there’s any other way we can help you save time while you grow your business.

In addition, FlexiDeposit is only one of the FlexiSuite solutions. Check back next week to learn more about the other brand-new flexible solution: FlexiPay.


If you’re intrigued by FlexiDeposit and you’re ready to learn more, please contact the extended solution experts at ISM. We can help you select and implement a wide range of solutions that meet your unique needs in a seamless manner.