Distributing Expenses across Accounts with Sage 100 ERP


Distributing Expenses across accounts need not be a burden any longer with Sage 100 ERP’s Expense Distribution Tables. Do you have invoices that you spread across several general ledger accounts each month?

It’s no fun running a tape on your calculator, or worse opening an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the amounts to apply to each account. It takes time and time is a precious commodity. With Sage 100 you simply turn on the Expense Distribution functionality and setup your tables.

To activate this functionality, go to Accounts Payable Options Tab 3 and check Enable Expense Distribution Tables. Next, select from the AP Setup Menu Expense Distribution Table Maintenance. Assign a code and description to the table. Enter the general ledger accounts and percentages. Accept to save the table.

Expense Distribution Table

Name the table as you best see fit.
For example:
UTIL for the percentages and accounts to be applied across all utility invoices.
HLTH for the percentages and accounts to be applied for you Health Benefits invoice.

In Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry, on the Header Tab select the Distribution Table you wish to use for the Invoice. The Invoice Amount will be allocated to the accounts based upon the percentages in the table. You may adjust the amount on the Lines Tab before Accepting and updating the Invoice Register.

If you have questions regarding this valuable time saving tool or would like to learn more about other time saving tools in Sage 100 ERP, please contact us.