Tips & Tricks on How the Sage 100 ERP Custom Office Module Benefits Your Business


The Custom Office Sage 100 ERP module includes some “prebaked” functions. For others you need to follow step-by-step instructions. Part demonstration, part technical, our Lunch and Learn video only addresses a fraction of the potential of this add-on product.

The customization tool allows you to bend Sage 100 ERP around your company without changing source code in your system. You can’t do anything with Custom Office, but you can do an awful lot.

Some quick pointers:

  • Before taking off on customization, be aware that you can dramatically affect how Sage 100 ERP looks and operates. Your immediate reaction may be a celebratory “Yes!” But carefully consider the impact your changes will have on user experience, inter-departmental collaboration, on-boarding and ongoing training.
  • User-specific customization on a particular screen, for instance, means that interface is going to look different for a single user than it looks for any other. That will make troubleshooting problems very time-consuming.
  • And with too much enthusiasm, you can customize yourself and your ERP users into a corner. So give your Custom Office projects some thought. Because you can affect a customization doesn’t mean you should.

Once you have made a good business case for a project in Custom Office, identify the users who will benefit from your amendments. Your three basic options include: 1) rolling a customization out for all users of your Sage system, 2) creating a customization for all users in a particular company engaged with your ERP solution and 3) setting up a customization for specific groups.

In deciding who will need your planned customization, define security on your changes accordingly. In Role Maintenance, pull up Security Role and note the Custom Office settings.


Now that you’re ready to move things around in Sage 100 ERP, hide things, add buttons, tabs, fields or tables, check out our Custom Office for Sage 100 ERP” video on the ISM YouTube channel. When you are ready to start customizing on your own, contact us online.