Cloud Applications Are Changing the Way Businesses Operate


Cloud applications are key to supporting growth of small and mid-size businesses, according to market intelligence firm IDC. In what IDC calls the “3rd platform,” the cloud, mobile connectivity, social media and analytics are changing the way businesses engage with their customers, deliver products and services efficiently, innovate, persist in the face of challenge, and operate with reliability.

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) absolutely must get on this platform as the affiliated technologies are expected to drive SMB growth in the coming year-plus, especially through improved customer service. Business networks like CRM and ERP solutions, mobile tools and responsive web sites, and social channels put the focus on user experience. You will benefit from decades of cross-industry learnings about creating conversations and offering compelling value to internal stakeholders, customers, vendors and affiliates.

If you have a cloud-based CRM or ERP solution, use Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365, or back up your servers in the cloud, you are ahead of the curve in adopting the 3rd platform. Your business is probably in the “Innovation Stage”, according to IDC. This stage of business development and growth is marked by an explosion of invention and value creation on top of applications central to the 3rd platform.

All parts of your business will benefit from cloud-based solutions, including IT operations, customer support, finance and accounting, application development and sales.


If you are ready to leverage today’s technology, empower your sales team through greater mobile functionality, reach prospects and resolve issues through social networks, and maximize the benefit of your CRM or ERP system, download the “True Cloud Applications for Agile and Fast-Growing Businesses” white paper.