What Is Business Process Management (or BPM)?


The Association of Business Process Management Professionals defines BPM as “disciplined approach to identify, design, execute, document, measure, monitor, and control both automated and non-automated business processes to achieve consistent, targeted results aligned with an organization’s strategic goals. BPM involves the deliberate, collaborative and increasingly technology-aided definition, improvement, innovation, and management of end-to-end business processes that drive business results, create value, and enable an organization to meet its business objectives with more agility. BPM enables an enterprise to align its business processes to its business strategy, leading to effective overall company performance through improvements of specific work activities either within a specific department, across the enterprise, or between organizations.”

Simply put, BPM focuses on improving corporate performance by managing and optimizing a company’s business processes, impacting an organizations cost control and revenue generation.


How Do You Benefit from BPM?


There are several benefits of implementing BPM. These benefits include:

  • Improved Business Agility
  • Reduced Costs and Higher Revenues
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Better Visibility
  • Compliance, Safety, and Security

The above benefits are often gained by implementing a Business Process Management Suite.


What’s an Example of a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS)?


A BPMS is software and technology that enables and automates BPM implementations. One example of a BPMS is TaskCentre.

TaskCentre is a suite of business process management technologies that allows you to automate virtually any process, driving error and inefficiency out of your business without the need to custom code.

TaskCentre enables you to easily integrate your ERP with eCommerce, marketing automation, website and CRM. It is designed to improve your current business processes and automate as much as possible to minimize manual labor and human errors.

Procedures that are repetitive and mundane can be replaced by TaskCentre with automation.



To learn even more about Business Process Management,

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