Take Business Building to the Next Level with Acumatica Cloud ERP


Last month, we listed three benefits business owners would experience by switching to Acumatica Cloud ERP, but we knew you were busy wrapping up Q2 and we didn’t want to overload you with too much to read at once. Therefore, this month we present three more benefits business owners can take advantage of when they switch to Acumatica.

1. Business-Building Tools

In business, as in life, nothing is ever completely finished. There’s always more to do. The good news is that Acumatica Cloud ERP does a lot of your work for you by providing automation capabilities for routine tasks, along with self-service portals for your customers, vendors, suppliers, and employees. When they all have self-service portals that can give them round-the-clock answers, they’ll call you less – and that means you’ll have more time for those critical, yet time-consuming business activities like marketing.

Speaking of marketing, Acumatica also helps you enhance your business visibility with easy expansion into new on- and offline channels using connected eCommerce and mobile sales tools that help you sell to more people in more places.

2. Better Customer Service

Those customer portals do more than just get you off the phone. They also keep your customers feeling recognized 24×7 because your Acumatica Cloud ERP will remember key customer details and preferences for orders, shipping, and support. But great service shouldn’t end when your customer logs out.

To extend your service environment, Acumatica also offers integrated CRM to help your team deliver on your customer’s expectations whether over the phone or through email. With customer relationship management, important, relevant customer details will be securely available to you and your staff anywhere and any time.

3. Flexibility

Acumatica Cloud ERP understands your need for flexibility as your business grows – after all, you never know where your business journey will take you next. That’s why the enterprise resource planning solution offers various deployment options including on-premises, hosted, and cloud based, each of which can be seamlessly transferred to another deployment option if you decide that’s what you want in the future.

In addition, Acumatica keeps your cash flow flexible by reducing your IT infrastructure costs. If you choose a cloud or hosted deployment, your data will be securely stored on Acumatica’s managed servers at all times, with included backup and disaster coverage that keeps your files safe.

What Specific Benefits Matter to You?

In the last post and this one, we talked generally about how business owners can take back their schedules while getting more done with Acumatica, but it’s time to get into specifics. If you’re curious about how you can determine the features and tools critical to your company’s growth, you’ll need to know how you should calculate software ROI that matters to you.


Learn how you can develop a personalized ROI analysis for your business software.