Use the Business Insights Reporter Wizard for Sage 100 to Create Crystal Reports Easily


The Business Insights Reporter Wizard for Sage 100 specifically makes creating Crystal Reports easier by walking users through the options and selections necessary to create a new report. The Wizard starts with the fundamentals and with the same user-friendly interface across the experience, helps you complete a custom report. Our Lunch and Learn webinar will take you through the steps—naming a report, selecting the report format, identifying the data source, determining report views, fields and filters, and grouping and sorting report information.

Business Insights Report Wizard delivers views containing the hyperlinked tables used in specific reports per your choice of data source. You can design your layout for everything from a quick status snapshot to a presentation-quality report.

Business Insights Report Wizard creations may be added to Sage 100 menus in the Custom Reports folders as you author a new report or use an existing report as a template to generate a tweaked version of a familiar set of views and tables. If you choose to save the report you have created, you must select the security roles appropriate for report access, ensuring the data snapshot is used with the requisite discretion.

Alternatively, users may print the new reports or summaries of them directly from the Business Insights Reporter application.


To learn how to leverage Sage 100 with Business Insights Reporter Wizard and ask questions particular to your needs, join us on 9/15 at 11:30 AM PDT for the Sage 100 Business Insights Wizard webinar.


The webinar promises to be rich with tips and tricks.