Clear Out Your File Cabinets with Sage 100 Paperless Office


How much did you spend last month on postage? With the price of first-class stamps at nearly 50 cents a stamp, we can hazard a guess on how much you spent: too much. Not only is postage expensive, couriers are expensive, mail delays are expensive… and don’t get us started on printing and storage costs for your paper documents.

Luckily, there is a way you can save money on your printing, mailing, and storage costs. The Paperless Office functions in Sage 100 help you increase productivity while you increase your savings account, and they also help the environment.

Find out how easy it is to go paper free. Attend next week’s ISM Lunch-n-Learn webinar on April 20 at 11:30 AM Pacific and discover why the Paperless Office functions in Sage 100 are a great choice for today’s forward-thinking businesses. Register here.

What Is Sage 100 Paperless Office?

Sage 100 Paperless Office provides easy-to-use electronic document filing, search, and access tools that help you increase your productivity and cut down on your office file-storage space so your filing cabinets can look like the ones at the top of this page.

Speaking of file-storage space, did you know that switching to Paperless Office for Sage 100 can help you reduce your office storage needs by 20%? That’s 20% more space you’ll have for workspaces, so you and your employees can stretch out more.

In addition to getting you more space, Sage 100 Paperless Office helps you:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Simultaneously access archived files
  • Stay organized

It also helps you avoid those frustrating days spent looking for a file instead of drumming up new business (we’ve had those days too), and it helps you reduce your likelihood of damaging, misfiling, or actually losing critical documents, such as old journal-entry printouts.

Ready to find out more? Register to join ISM on April 20, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific in the “Sage 100 Paperless Office” Lunch-n-Learn Webinar so you too can discover how much you’d save by tapping into the Paperless Office features in your Sage 100 system. We’re glad you can join us!