Its Force Awakened, Acumatica Doubles Customer Base


Next-generation ERP has the potential to empower a business, amplifying human capabilities with added speed and improved reflexes, not unlike the best Jedi padawan. As Yoda knew, however, capability does not equate to success.

Earlier this year at Acumatica’s largest summit ever, more than 600 attendees learned about the sponsor’s dedicated effort to develop functionality, improve connectivity and advance technology through its ERP platform.  Acumatica felt the force and trained well. It doubled its customer base from 1,000 to 2,000 companies.

It shared how it did this in a series titled “Can Next Generation ERP Awaken the Force?” and we took note. Read our white paper on the latest news and announcements from Acumatica.

Our top takeaways:

  • While the friendliness of software has risen in ERP prospects’ priority list, Acumatica says the No. 1 ask of a software solution is fit and functionality.
  • Companies’ next requirement is a ready-made, end-to-end solution. The ability to integrate ERP with other systems is not enough. Decision makers want to train end users on one product and know integration of functions is seamless. They also want assurances that staff members won’t be creating redundant files—a common problem when users must move between unrelated software applications.
  • Not every client is going to use every application. Acumatica revealed that 100% of its customers use its financials, 81% use its distribution suite and 51% have deployed CRM. Customers may grow into these applications as well as Acumatica’s project accounting, intercompany accounting, fixed assets, deferred revenue, etc. Acumatica supports this growth with modules particular to manufacturing, provided by partner JAAS Systems.
  • A true ERP platform is nearly infinitely adaptable. Improvements are made and new functionality is built. It is a foundation that accounts for changing business conditions and business models.


For more detail on Acumatica’s feeling of the force, read “The Force Was Strong at Acumatica Summit 2016” … and may the force be with you.