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Let’s admit it: Accounts Payable is no fun. Not only does your AP staff spend all day paying bills for goodness’ sake, those poor folks have to investigate every bill they receive, maintain vendor relationships by paying on time (even for bills that were sent late), and—oh yeah—argue with vendors who haven’t met minimum standards. Ugh. That’s a tough workday, every day.

Actually, considering how much your AP department has to put up with, we’d like to give them a great big shout out: All you AP professionals are doing a great job, and no company could run without your hard work and dedication. Thank you! (Go ahead and send this article to your AP department so you too can say thank you for their incredible work, day in and day out.)

Accounts Payable Can Do Better…

The above line probably counts as fighting words to your overly busy AP department, but it’s true. Ask those hardworking folks how much time they’re forced to spend on administrative work. Ask how much paper piles up on their desks every month.

Organizing and digitizing paper invoices takes time and careful, detailed attention from your AP team, yet it’s likely that they receive most of their invoices in paper format. Those paper invoices require your AP department to manually enter invoice and payment data into your accounting system, and we all know how error-prone data entry can be. Especially when you consider that AP also spends a lot of time manually entering receipt data into Sage.

All that data entry leads to a lot of wasted time, and a lot of potential for error. Simply put, your software is holding your AP department back.

See? We told you that AP can do better.

Sage AP Automation Helps

With Sage AP Automation for Sage 100c or Sage 500 ERP, your Accounts Payable team can save time, reduce errors, and get more done because they’ll be using a true AP automation solution. That means it includes:

  • Accounting software integration – No duplicate data entry
  • Automated data entry – In fact, no data entry
  • Workflow approvals – Keeps AP teams on track, everywhere and everytime
  • Automated payments – Uses Virtual Credit Cards for secure, one-click payments (with available cash rebates!)

Did You Just Say Virtual Credit Cards?

Yes. We did. You and your team already know that credit card fraud is a serious problem, but you may not know that credit card fraud losses amount to tens of billions of dollars each year. The way to combat these losses are to use Virtual Credit Cards, which are the latest technology companies of all sizes are using to manage and secure their credit card purchases.

Learn More About Virtual Credit Cards and AP Automation

This stuff is the wave of the future, so you and your AP team should familiarize yourself with the concepts of AP automation and Virtual Credit Cards. That way you’ll be prepared with the information you need when you’re ready to save time and money while reducing errors in your Accounts Payable process.

It’s easy to get the facts and details when you download the white paper “Does Your AP Automation System Pay for Itself?” from Sage AP Automation. This white paper is well written and filled with clear descriptions of surprisingly futuristic technology that your business can access right now.

Considering how much helpful info is packed into these eight pages, it’s well worth the few minutes it will take you or your Accounts Payable department to read it.

And once you read about Sage AP Automation, you’ll probably want it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


Download the Sage AP Automation white paper to get the facts on AP automation, virtual credits cards, and the surprising way that you can achieve a lightning-fast ROI with your new AP automation solution.