Time Is Ticking – Sign Up Soon to Get Your Extended Trial of FlexiPay for Sage 100


Repetitive tasks in Sage 100 increase your unbillable administrative time and also lead to embarrassing errors that may alienate your loyal customers. Give yourself a break from at least one dull, error-prone task this year with your free gift trial of FlexiPay for Sage 100.

The holiday shopping season has arrived, and the one thing you’ll be lacking over the next few months is time. Let ISM help out. Take us up on the offer for an extended free trial of the tool that empowers you to easily accept multiple deposits, even on single sales orders. Contact ISM to get your free FlexiPay trial.

Wait, What Is FlexiPay?

You may already have heard about FlexiPay, the payment-processing tool that adds on to your stock Sage 100 functionality so your business can easily and quickly accept multiple deposits per sales order by processing them through cash receipts. This ensures an easier procedure for you, and also leads to faster reconciliation of funds to General Ledger.

With FlexiPay, your customers will have more payment options and you’ll have more flexible processing capabilities. Take advantage of the unique, secure functionality of FlexiPay.

How Flexible Is FlexiPay?

With the word flexible as part of the name, you can bet that the FlexiPay for Sage 100 add-on will empower your company to do more, so you and your team can meet customer needs with ease – and have time to spare.

FlexiPay stands out in the market because it can:

  • Maintain stock Sage 100 negative posting and credit memo capabilities
  • Seamlessly report on open deposits and deposit histories through FlexiPay
  • Integrate with FlexiDeposit, the cash management tool that helps you settle deposits faster

FlexiPay is part of the ISM FlexiSuite, which also includes FlexiDeposit. FlexiSuite streamlines your entire posting process in Sage 100.

Get Your Free Trial

If you’re ready to save time and reduce or eliminate errors when you process multiple deposits on a single sales order, you should strongly consider this limited time offer for six months of FlexiPay, completely free.

This six-month trial will last you through Q4, the holidays, Year-End, and most of Q1-2018. Imagine how much time you could save on all your tasks for the next half year.

Accept ISM’s Gift to You: Time

Since you’re a valued ISM customer, we want to make sure your business succeeds. That’s why we’re offering this complementary trial of FlexiPay for Sage 100. As a way of saying thank you to you for being such a great client, we want to give you the gift of time.

And the gifts continue, even past the trial.

Time flies quickly in the business world. In March, at the end of your trial period, you’ll have the option to take advantage of a low-cost annual subscription of $495, so that you can keep using FlexiPay for the rest of the year.


Get your free six months of FlexiPay for Sage 100 so you can start accepting multiple deposits per sales order with ease. Contact ISM to learn more about the trial and sign up today.



Offer expires October 31, 2017.