Globalization has intensified competition in the wholesale distribution market—and created amazing opportunities for growth. Seize the opportunity for global expansion with ERP solutions designed for the wholesale distribution trade. Flexible and industry-specific, this wholesale trade management system provides in-depth capabilities for every area of your business, including customer order fulfillment, CRM, warehousing, data collection, inventory control, purchasing, fixed asset tracking, and financial management.


Do you…


Trust your computer totals for widgets on hand when your best customer calls and says he needs you to ship 100 widgets to him overnight?


Spend time and money in costly re-shipping of orders because the wrong item/size/color was sent out?


Have salespeople who know which items or services are purchased by each of your customers on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis so they can target them for re-orders?


Have lots of money tied up in safety stock to ensure you don’t run out of the most popular items but still find that you can’t fill all orders that come in?


Wish you could lower your tax liability by ensuring you are properly depreciating all of your business assets?


Want your field sales team to be able to enter sales orders 24/7, no matter where they are?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, you need to talk with one of the ISM business consultants today to learn more about ERP Solutions for the Wholesale Distribution trade. Whether you distribute auto parts, zebra-striped shirts or anything in-between, ISM can help you select the system that will help drive your company’s success.

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