Sage HRMS Product Brochure

Maximize Every Dollar You Invest in Employees

The right people make all the difference. It’s true in small companies, large companies, and everywhere else. A business itself does not generate ideas, does not provide service, and by itself is neither innovative nor productive. People make all of those things happen.

Despite the importance of the workforce, many organizations have traditionally viewed their employees primarily as a capital expense. With an eye on salaries, bene ts packages, and hiring, the chief concern of many human resource departments was to reduce costs. Then things got complicated …

Today, the business environment is hypercompetitive. Health care costs are an ever-present concern. A large percentage of the workforce is retiring, while a younger generation of workers has higher expectations and is choosier about whom they will work for.

Sage’s industry-leading, customizable Sage HRMS solution can help. It enables you to decisively meet and respond to HR management challenges. With integrated payroll, benefits, recruiting, employee self-service, and analytics capabilities, Sage HRMS helps you to maximize every dollar you invest in employees. Sage HRMS helps you increase the Return on Employee Investment.

Sage HRMS is the most complete human resource management solution for small and medium businesses, enabling you to maximize every dollar you invest in your employees.

By centralizing all the current and historic information about active and nonactive employees of the organization, Sage HRMS eliminates ambiguity. It gives you unmatched views of your workforce—at macro and micro levels—enabling you to securely share the data with executives and managers. The benefit? Precise, rich analytics that embolden your company leaders to make decisions based on fact rather than gut instinct.

Manage All of HR in One Place

  • Sage Employee Self Service
  • Sage OrgPlus by Insperity
  • Sage Benefits Enrollment
  • Sage Time
  • Sage HRMS benefits Messenger
  • Sage Time and Attendance by Insperity
  • Sage HRMS HR Actions by Delphia Consulting
  • Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter by Visibility Software
  • Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow by Vineyardsoft
  • Sage HRMS Cyber Train by Visibility Software
  • My Workforce Analyzer

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