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Sage E-Marketing for Sage CRM

Email marketing made easy

Sage CRM E-Marketing for Sage CRM gives businesses like yours builtin email marketing within Sage CRM, allowing you to quickly and easily build campaign lists, design effective email communications and deliver your messages to the right people at the right time for maximum impact. Responses to your email campaigns can be analysed in real-time.

With Sage CRM E-Marketing, your teams can quickly create personalized and targeted emails using over 90 highly professional email templates that cover all communication needs. Templates can be edited quickly and easily directly from within Sage CRM allowing you to personalise them with your logo, contact details, hyperlinks and call to action.

Businesses today need to deploy clever marketing initiatives in order to generate leads and communicate effectively with their customers. They face the dual challenge of ensuring that they are effectively communicating with their existing customers and prospects while keeping costs to a minimum.

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing communications methods favored by these companies today. With minimal resource requirements, every small or medium sized company can deliver personal, relevant and timely email marketing communications to customers and prospects alike.


Benefits Snapshot

  • Simple 3-step wizard for rapid campaign execution
  • Over 90 attention-grabbing templates that can be personalised quickly and easily
  • Rapid creation of groups from segmented prospects and customer lists
  • Automated drip marketing campaigns
  • Open, click and bounce rate tracking
  • Auto-feed of metrics into Sage CRM for rapid ROI calculation
  • Integrated telesales follow-up
  • Simple campaign cloning for consistent execution and departmental collaboration

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