The State of
Wholesale Cosmetics Distribution

Wholesale cosmetics distributors occupy a difficult position as the “middle man” between manufacturers and retailers.

Recent changes have posed new challenges that threaten to disrupt their integral role in the movement of goods and the economy in general.

Fortunately, some of these challenges are issues that can be solved by embracing technology to evolve and adapt to the changing market.

According to a study by Deloitte, distributors of the future must see the opportunities being created by disruptions in the changing market, and they need to build the capabilities required to capitalize on them.

The focus on the customer remains, but distributors of the future must leverage new insights and deliver a differentiating experience.

In the future, the supply chain transforms with technology to become more efficient, transparent, and integrated.

Distributors of the future will elevate information technology from back-office enabler and cost to be managed to front-office energizer and source of differentiation.

One way to elevate your information technology is with the Sage 100cloud Bundle for Cosmetics Distributors, which combines a strong business management solution with EDI, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, Warehouse Management, and shipping systems.

Sage 100 Cloud for Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors

Here’s why Sage 100cloud is the right choice for companies who distribute cosmetics:

  • Helps you manage more than just accounting
  • Unites your entire business so you can work more collaboratively and meet customer expectations
  • Offers deployment options and add-on solutions to meet your unique needs
  • Reduces reliance on error-prone spreadsheets to run your business
  • Customize your reports, dashboard, and business intelligence tools
  • Get started quickly with its easy-to-learn features and navigation

Work collaboratively across the entire company to better meet the needs of customers and ensure you have the right amount of product to sell when and where you need it.

Sage 100cloud has what your cosmetic distribution business needs to:

  • Operate more efficiently
  • Increase inventory accuracy
  • Complete and ship orders on time
  • Decrease time to decision making
  • Add more customers
  • Grow margins

Improve Financial Management and Trust Your Numbers

Sage 100cloud Helps Cosmetics Distributors Improve Cash Flow

Sage 100cloud helps cosmetics distributors:

  • Gain control of income, expenses, and assets
  • Manage expenditures and know your future cash requirements
  • Collaborate across your business throughout the budgeting process
  • Improve cash flow by collecting more of the money due faster and automatically depositing checks
  • Increase general ledger accuracy
  • Automate sales tax management and tax reporting

Optimize Your Inventory and Production Processes

 Sage 100cloud Cosmetics Distributors Inventory Control

Cosmetics distributors can manage inventory and production processes with Sage 100cloud:

  • Fulfill orders accurately
  • Ensure you have the right products on hand to sell when you need them
  • Gain deeper insight into the order fulfillment process
  • Simplify and speed up manufacturing processes
  • Issue work orders and develop schedules
  • See up-to-the minute work-in-process information
  • Create and maintain detailed bill of materials
  • Keep track of charges associated with finished goods

Kick Your Sales and Order Management into High Gear. Impress Your Customers.

Cosmetics Distributor Sales Order Management Sage 100cloud

Cosmetic distributors can better manage customer orders and inquiries with Sage 100cloud:

  • Give sales better visibility of inventory items
  • See lot numbers, serial numbers, pricing information, availability, and promotions
  • Create an online store to manage customer purchases
  • Provide customer account information
  • Accept more payment type
  • Respond to customers with speed and precision

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