Business Alerts – Sage 100

Is your business looking for a more efficient way to monitor the pulse of your company? Meet Business Alerts Professional, an impressive module designed to keep you and your personnel “in the know.” This innovative product utilizes your email system to notify you whenever something significant happens in your Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) system. The notifications that you choose to generate can be selected from a series of sample alerts, which can quickly be tailored to suit your specific needs. Or you may choose to create custom alerts based on your company’s unique criteria.

In addition to keeping your staff better informed, Business Alerts can also send email notifications to your customers and vendors. This feature is especially useful for sending past-due billing notices, shipping notices, low inventory alerts, and more.

When you acquire the notification capabilities of Business Alerts, your company can lower business cycle times, dramatically improve employee communication, and allow your customers to enjoy personalized attention with every transaction. Plus, with Business Alerts, your company’s financial information not only remains within your reach, but your accounting database actively contributes to the efficiency of your business and to the satisfaction of your customers.


  • Monitor date and time-sensitive events
  • Be automatically informed regarding credit holds, inventory thresholds, sales ratios, urgency levels, and priority client transactions
  • Create new alerts to fit your company’s needs or customize the existing ones
  • Merge data into email messages
  • Include email attachments to provide additional information
  • Send automated responses to your customers and vendors
  • Keep employees informed for better decision making
  • Track important business events
  • Improve customer service and retain customers longer
  • Provide response to changing business conditions 24 hours a day, seven days a week

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