Bar Code – Sage 100

Streamline your warehouse processes using Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) Bar Code to enable your shipping and receiving staff to collect data rapidly and accurately. Increase your shipping and receiving staff’s data collection using cradle-style or radio-frequency handheld devices.

Gather, validate, and verify an array of data utilizing the power of the features and functionality of Bar Code including inventory counts, quantities, item numbers, and lot and serial numbers of goods shipped and received. Easily incorporate information from your bar-code hardware and bring it into your Sage 100 ERP system, saving valuable processing time over data-intensive manual entry. Advanced Bar Code features can virtually eliminate costly data entry errors, such as shipping the wrong product or the wrong quantity to customers. In addition, Bar Code can automate procedures for dozens of employees, and many businesses discover that bar coding
pays for itself with the very frst use.

Bar Code processes multiple types of Sage 100 ERP transactions for Sales Order, Inventory Management, Bill of Materials, and more, streamlining warehouse processes by enabling your shipping and receiving staff to collect data rapidly and accurately. Radio-frequency handhelds are supported, and when you add important information to your items, sales orders, purchase orders, or bills using user-defned felds (UDFs), it also fows through into your bar codes. For instance, if you add a product style or color feld, they will print and correctly scan during receipt of goods and sales order shipments. Also, to simplify the resolution of import errors, a Barcode
Rejection Maintenance task provides clearly stated reasons for the rejection, such as Invalid Item Codes or Insuffcient Quantity Available.


  • Streamline your warehouse processes
  • Collect data faster and more accurately
  • Process large amounts of data at much greater speed and reliability
  • Support effcient workfows by scanning
  • Sales Orders and Sales Order Invoices
  • Personalized user-defned feld information fows through to Bar Code
  • Support of radio-frequency or cradle-style handheld devices
  • Simple resolution of import error rejections
  • Import any use-defned feld using Bar Code

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