MAPADOC Integrating EDI into Sage X3

MAPADOC Integrates EDI into Sage ERP X3


MAPADOC Sage ERP X3 Edition

MAPADOC Integrates EDI into Sage ERP X3. MAPADOC is written in 4GL and Java via the Sage ERP X3 development tools. By following Sage Software’s architecture, MAPADOC is technically interwoven and has the same look and feel of other functions in the Sage ERP X3 menu structure.

MAPADOC is user-friendly software that reduces data entry time and costs by eliminating the need to re-key data into Sage ERP X3. This improves communications with customers and vendors by automating routine tasks quickly and efficiently.

By using MAPADOC, customers gain the ability to maintain trading partner maps without the need for a programmer. MAPADOC provides easy to use mapping tools that reduce mapping time considerably. These features improve the flow of EDI data from trading partners and the integration with Sage ERP X3.


Cloud EDI

SWK has partnered with SPS Commerce to form an end-to-end EDI solution that combines the SPS Commerce cloud EDI service with SWK’s MAPADOC integration software and services.


In-House EDI

Alternatively, SWK is a reseller of many popular third party EDI products that specialize in in- house EDI connectivity and translation.


MAPADOC Features

  • Sales Order Creation
  • Invoice Creation
  • Generate ASNs
  • Turnaround data
  • Cross-reference tables
  • Data Validation
  • Label Printing
  • Unattended Processing

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