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Change Management Success: Acumatica Sandbox

An Acumatica Sandbox supports your organization in being successful during times of change.

The evolution of cloud-based technology has made it easier for organizations to purchase and implement software, but that doesn’t guarantee that your people and processes will be ready for the change. In fact, the change management process is often one of the largest determining factors of ERP implementation success – and it’s often the most challenging part of the equation.

But what if it was possible for users to start familiarizing themselves with new ways to get work done months before a new ERP system takes effect? What if it was possible to allow people to safely explore and get used to new processes and technology?

Making use of an Acumatica Sandbox, you can. It enables your organization to get the most out of your ERP deployment and supports you in being successful during times of change that impact how you use your software.


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Why An Acumatica Sandbox


Success During Change

Whether you’re onboarding new employees, adding new functionality or advancements to your existing Acumatica deployment, or rolling out process changes, an Acumatica Sandbox can help you maintain and increase user adoption during these times.


Minimize Risk

With an Acumatica Sandbox you can minimize risk of disruption to your business by first performing changes in a safe environment.


Training Environment

Ensure your ERP continues to work smoothly for all users. Ease user adoption and maximize user familiarity by using an Acumatica Sandbox to host a training environment.


Playground For Innovation

Safely explore special configurations and personalizations in Acumatica that will positively impact your organization and drive better results.

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