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Acumatica Cloud ERP

Understand when the Acumatica Cloud is right for your business

Deploying business management software in the public cloud is a great option for many businesses. If you have industry- or business-specific requirements that dictate where or how your data and services should be hosted, a private cloud deployment may make more sense.

Delivering A True Private Cloud

ERP vendors and their resellers may say their private cloud is “truly cloud”, but you should be aware of these claims. If a private cloud isn’t really cloud, you risk losing the benefits that motivate businesses to choose the cloud in the first place.

Others may say, “We are truly cloud.” But, are you required to install software or add a plug-in? Or are you required to have a specific amount of memory and operating system on your workstation? If you can’t access your software from a simple browser, it can be “hosted”, but it may not be in the cloud at all. Acumatica is built for the cloud and accessible from any popular web browser, with no software required to be installed on your PC or mobile device.




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Myth vs. Reality


Myth: Private Cloud Is Only For Enterprises

Reality: There are small and midsize businesses (SMBs) worldwide who choose private cloud deployments for a variety of reasons that are not based on company size, but rather business need such as compliance or data privacy reasons. Acumatica is designed and priced for SMBs, in whatever cloud you choose.


Myth: Private Cloud Must Be Hosted Off Site

Reality: A private cloud can be hosted at a third-party facility or a private cloud can be on your servers and under your control.


Myth: I Can’t Connect My Cloud Erp To My Other Software In The Public Cloud

Reality: With the Acumatica platform, you can easily integrate Acumatica Cloud ERP with other solutions whether they are in the public or private cloud. Additionally, Acumatica includes several technologies that make integration straightforward, including SOAP and REST web services. Plus, Acumatica’s configurable data feeds can map data, then push and pull it between multiple systems without having to perform programming.

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