Acumatica Fixed Assets

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Gain complete visibility into your fixed assets and depreciation calculations

The Fixed Assets Management (FA) module maintains depreciation schedules for assets that you own, rent, or lease and is fully integrated with all other financial modules.

Key Features of Fixed Assets Management:

  • Multiple depreciation methods Select from a huge number of predefined depreciation schedules such as ARCS, MARCS, straight-line, declining balance, sum of years’ digits, remaining value, flat rate, and units of production. You can also define a customized schedule.
  • Tax benefit support – Acumatica provides multiple depreciation books, mulitple calendars,  special depreciation bonuses, and tax benefit recapture to help you  accurately account for complex tax rules.
  • Multiple depreciation books – Create depreciation books that do not update the general ledger for special tax and reporting requirements. Assign calendar years that are  independent of your financial ledger if required for compliance


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Key Benefits


Work From Anywhere

Create, approve, and fulfill sales orders from anywhere using any popular web-browser.


Manage Assets Throughout Their Lifecycle

Account for assets from the time they are acquired until disposal. Enter information only once during a lifecycle since assets are shared by all modules and reports.


Customize for Your Business Compliance Needs

Configure depreciation schedules with a predefined method, averaging convention, useful economic life, and recovery period. If needed, configure your own schedule.


Save Time with Automation

Automated entry, depreciation schedules, and workflow save you time and ensure that accumulated depreciation, asset values, and asset class balance reports are always up-to-date.


Accelerate Decision Making

Drill down reports and dashboards provide access to past information and insights into future needs to improve business decisions. Use one of several included reports or design your own with the module’s report writer.

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