Acumatica Cash Management

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Monitor, predict, and manage cash across multiple entities

The Cash Management (CA) module is integrated with the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable modules to provide a single place where you can manage all of your cash needs. Reports provide summarized views of data and allow you to drill down to account details.

Key Features of Cash Management

Cash forecast – Gain a better understanding of your organization’s cash position by looking at a 30-day trend that incorporates AR/AP/CA/anticipated cash transactions statistics. Customize reports to reflect your specific cash needs and situation.

Bank reconciliation – Enter statement information provided by the bank and use Acumatica screens to reconcile balances while adding bank charges, bank interest, and other transactions.

Petty cash management – Manage petty cash and back account balances by viewing transaction history in detailed and daily views. Acumatica allows you to manage and trace uncleared and cleared balances from the inquiry screen.

Cash account transfers – Transfer funds between bank accounts and track funds that are in-transit. Acumatica automatically tracks currency gains and losses and allows you to record associated bank expenses.

Remittance and payments – Gather complete payment information from vendors and customers when accounts are established by linking required information to the type of payment (credit card, wire transfer, S.W.I.F.T, and more).

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Key Features


Accessible From Anywhere

Access 100% of your cash management features from anywhere using any popular web-browser.


Understand Cash Requirements

Track balances across all bank accounts, currencies, and entities to gain a better understanding of current and future cash needs


Manage Cash Efficiently

Perform bank transfers with automatic tracking of currency gains and losses. Customize reports to help determine cash needs specific to your organization.


Gain A Complete View Of Cash Flows

Integration across all Acumatica modules and cash accounts provides a complete view of your cash position for up-to-date reporting and forecasting


Drill Down To Details

Start with high-level reports and drill down to transaction details to simplify reconciliation, forecasting, and reporting.

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