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Understand when the Acumatica Cloud is right for your business

For many small and midsize businesses, choosing Software as a Service (SaaS) provides the benefits of an enterprise-class solution without the enterprise IT budget. With the Acumatica Cloud, you can access your ERP anytime, anywhere, from a web browser on any Internet-connected device.

You can pay as you go, and easily scale resources up or down based on growth or changing business needs. Designed from the ground up to be a better SaaS solution, the Acumatica Cloud delivers the benefits that matter to small and midsize businesses when it comes to using technology in the cloud.

Acumatica understands that our customers have unique requirements when it comes to deploying cloud-based software. That is why we offer the same Acumatica product in both public and private cloud deployments, with the ability to easily switch between.

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Myth vs. Reality


Myth: My Data Isn’t Safe

Reality: Acumatica’s built-in security features are designed to get you to the cloud, safely. Acumatica keeps your data highlyprotected using SSL encryption, role-based security policies, IP address control over logins, intruder detection and lock-out, and other robust security features.


Myth: I Can’t Access My Own Data

Reality: Acumatica will never hold your data hostage. With our built-in automated backup and backup access service, you can access your data whenever you like. In case of a disaster or unforeseen emergency, Acumatica can restore data quickly, even in alternate geographic zones.


Myth: SaaS Solutions Cannot Deliver The Performance Needed By High Volume Businesses

Reality: Acumatica is the first ERP solution born in the cloud, designed to work in any Web browser, on any device, without sacrificing performance. The Acumatica Cloud is designed to deliver and keep up with the most demanding, high volume businesses, handling thousands of transactions per hour.


Myth: I Won’t Have Control Over Upgrades

Reality: Acumatica lets you choose if and when to install an upgrade. You decide your own upgrade schedule. And you always have access to new Acumatica versions and features.

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