Acumatica Data Sheet Accounts Receivable

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Manage customer accounts and reduce uncollectible debts

The Accounts Receivable (AR) module is used to enter customer invoices, send customer statements, collect and apply payments, verify customer balances, track sales commissions, and deliver customer reports. The AR module is integrated with all other Acumatica modules.

Key Features of Accounts Receivable

Flexible invoice delivery – Create HTML, PDF, or Excel documents which can be formatted for printing or emailed according to client preferences. Copies of all documents are stored with the customer record.

Recurring billing – Bill any type of contract with recurring monthly fees, setup fees, renewal fees, consumption based fees, overage charges, and minimum charge amounts. Create contract templates which specify start and end dates, renewal terms, a billing schedule, line items, and more.

Credit card processing  – Integrated, PCI-compliant credit card processing automates billing processes and allows you to manually enter charges, void transactions, and issue refunds.

Deferred revenue recognition – Set deferred revenue codes for each invoice line item to support your revenue recognition requirements. Each deferred revenue code can map to a different recognition schedule.

Key Features


Accessible From Anywhere

Access 100% of your accounts receivable features from anywhere using any popular web-browser.


Lower Un-Collectble Debts

Reports and dashboards help you identify problems before they occur. This includes over limit accounts, aging accounts, expiring credit cards, and more.


Adjusts To Your Business

Use sales contracts to bill recurring fees, one time fees, setup, overage, and other charges.


Streamline Operations

Sales, service, finance, and support can all access customer bills and reports according to customized workflow and approval processes.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Create HTML, PDF, or Excel documents which can be printed or emailed according to client preferences and billing cycles.


Order Locally And Internationally

Maintain vendor balances in both a base currency as well as the vendor currency. Currency translations are performed automatically

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